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Thursday, July 06, 2006

New Reality Nice

We were sorry to see this blog close and thought it should be continued.

If you have something nice to say, send it to us at!


Anonymous po a tree said...

guess they had nothing nice to say
or maybe they forgot the way
to be nice to each other
or maybe it's just that time of year when everyone is focused on Big Brother

it's fire this year for in between,
no more fish or FOTHing
if you can't be nice they say, it's better to say nothing

5:49 PM  
Anonymous po a tree said...

i think perhaps the blogs are dead
little left that wasn't said
friends go on their merry way
and forget the gripes of yesterday
posters finding new home pages
leave behind their rath and rages
all in all, a crazy year
big brother's on and summer's here

8:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Poor Po. There is no doubt, they will be back. ((Poet Po))

6:58 PM  
Anonymous po a tree said...

summertime... and the posting is easy
mods are jumping, and updaters are high
Oh! Your Admin's rich and your sig is good lookin'
So, hush little poster, don't you cry . . .

3:46 PM  
Anonymous po a tree said...

you've finally got the alliances straight
your ass looks like it gained some weight
from sitting watching feeds and yakking
'bout updates, who is nommed and packing

who will go and who will stay
and play big brother one more day
although the end does not seem near
it comes too fast. dog days are here

2:09 PM  

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